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Готовый тест по дисциплине английский язык. Зачетный тест.

1. Management is in a revealed in variety of specific activities......? 

а) doesn't it? b) does it? с) isn't it?

2. A manager should know how to organize and coordinate employees.......? 

а) does he? b) shouldn't he? с) should he? 

3. However the manager will rarely have all the knowledge he needs......? 

а)does he? 

b) is he? 

с) won't he? 

4. Managers must be competent in every aspect of business.........? 

а) must they? b) do they? 

с) mustn't they? 

5. Coca – Cola........ all over the world. 

a) enjoys 

b) is enjoyed 

c) enjoy

6. 1.6 billion gallons........ every year in over one hundred and sixty countries. 

a) are sold 

b) are being sold 

c) is sold 

7. The drink......... by Dr.John Pemberton in Atlanta in 1886. 

а) has been invented 

b ) had been invented 

с) was invented 

8. Вut it ...(4).... the name Coca -Cola by his partner, Frank Robinson. 

a) had been given 

b) was given 

c) gave 

9. In the first year only nine drinks a day.....(5)..... 

a) had been sold 

b) have sold 

c) were sold 

10. The business............by a man called Asa Candler in 1888. 

a) was bought 

b) has been bought 

с) was being bought 

11. And the first factory..........in Texas in 1895. 

a) opened 

b) had been opened 

c) was opened 

12. Coca – Cola.....(8)..... there. 

a) still made 

b) is still made 

c) is still being made 

13. Billions of bottles and cans.....(9)....since 1895. 

a) are produced 

b) are being produced 

c) have been produced 

14. It is certain that Coca – Cola......... far into the twenty-first century. 

a) will have drunk 

b) will drink 

c) will be drunk 

15. They can ... us with the computers in March. 

a) support 

b) serve 

c) supply 

16. Usually fairs and exhibitions ... with visitors. 

a)is crowded 

b) are crowded 

c) am crowded 

17. The catalogues were ... with our offer. 

a) enclosed 

b) closed 

c) close 

18. The price depends ... the quantity of the machines. 

a) of; b) at; c) on 

10. They usually give a discount to customers who are ... close touch with them . 

a) with; b) in; c) at 

20. I expect ... to be in the office earliest tomorrow. 

a) he; b) his; c) him 

21. I expect ... to come on Friday. 

a) them 

b) their 

c) they 

22. I would like ... to study German. 

a) she; b) he; c) him 

23. A good rest in the open air has a good effect ... people. 

a) at; b) on; c) with 

24. The A 50 Model is different ... the A 40 Model. 

a) of; b) on; c) from 

25. ... time plays an important part in the daily life of business people. 

a) a; b) – ; c) the

Готовый тест по дисциплине английский язык выполнен в 2015 году. Цена работы - 400 рублей. Заказать.

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