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23 августа 2022

Английский язык

Выполните письменные задания № 1 и № 2 по дисциплине «Иностранный язык в сфере юриспруденции». Ответы на вопросы располагайте непосредственно после текста или фразы. Если в соответствии с заданием нужно дополнить предложение или изменить форму слова, то делайте это прямо в тексте и выделяйте свой вариант цветом. Перевод предложений в упражнении № 6 выполняйте в таблице.

Construction there is/there are

Конструкция there is/there are употребляется, когда в предложении называется что- либо или кто-либо и одновременно указывается на их местонахождение. На русский язык такие предложения обычно переводятся с конца.

Exercise 1

Translate these sentences into Russian.

1. There are a few police officers near the car.

2. There are a few people who will be questioned.

3. There is a very important question he would like to ask.

4. There will be many problems with this young man.

5. I am sure there were some witnesses.

6. There can be a few witnesses who saw all that.

Exercise 2

Translate these sentences into English.

1. В университете Оксфорда в учебном году 3 три семестра.

2. В Московском университете МВД России 35 кафедр.

3. В нашем университете 7 филиалов.

4. Здесь много специально оборудованных лабораторий, спортзал и библиотека.

5. В 1924 году, когда Гувер стал директором ФБР, в этой организации было 650 сотрудников.

6. Существует много специальных программ подготовки полицейских.

7. В университете есть много возможностей для занятий спортом.

Exercise 3

A police officer is asking information about a missing person.

Complete these questions, reading the information of the answers.

1. When _________________________________________________?

I phoned her yesterday afternoon.

2. Why __________________________________________________?

She left because we quarreled.

3. Where ________________________________________________?

She went to London.

4. Did __________________________________________________?

No, I didn't see her yesterday.

5. What _________________________________________________?

She took only a briefcase with her.

6. Who (m) ______________________________________________?

I didn' t tell anyone about it.

7. When _________________________________________________?

I called the police at midnight.

Exercise 4

Translate these word combinations into English.

Exercise 5

Insert appropriate possessive pronouns.

1. _______ auditorium is on the ground floor.

2. We are going to have a party and want to invite all _____ friends.

3. John is a police officer. He enjoys ______ job, he says it is exciting.

4. I really like mountain climbing, it is _______ favourite sport.

5. I live with ______ mother and father.

6. Give me _______ copybook, please.

7. The number of ______ apartment is 112.

8. Do you like ______ job?

9. I like tennis. It is ______ hobby.

10. I want to phone the Jacksons. Do you know ______ phone number?

Exercise 6

Study the following verbs.

Exercise 7

Translate these sentences into Russian. Pay attention to the model.

Exercise 8

Translate these word combinations into English.

Exercise 9

Translate these sentences into English.

Exercise 10

Choose the correct preposition. Translate these sentences into Russian.

Письменное задание № 2

English Tenses (Active Voice)

Ex. 1

Make up questions with “How long?” and “When?” using the Present Perfect, the Past Indefinite or the Present Perfect Continuous.

Ex. 2

Answer the questions using the time indication words suggested in brackets; change the tense forms accordingly: Model:  When did you last speak to your advocate? (for ages) — I haven’t spoken to him for ages.

1. When did he last investigate a murder? (for years)

2. When did the Bar last admit new members? (since June)

3. When did you last give evidence to the court? (for many years)

4. When did Steve Williams last violate the Rules of Professional Conduct? (for ages)

5. When did this attorney last lose a case? (in a long while)

6. When was this patrolman last on duty? (for the last few days)

7. When did you last deal with a common law action? (since last year).

Ex. 3

Mr Bruce, a retired policeman, came to see his former colleagues at the police station and found that many things were different. Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets in the Past Perfect Tense. Model: Some of his colleagues were no longer there. They (to retire). – They had retired.

1. John Smith was no longer single. He (to marry) the secretary.

2. Their boss captain Johnson didn’t work there. He (to get) a promotion.

3. Bob Brown was dead. A criminal (to shoot) him.

4. Sam Jenkins got a promotion. He (to pass) a special exam and (to become) a detective.

5. His friend Bruce was no longer a failure. He (to disclose) several serious crimes.

6. Miss Green gave up working. She (to get married) and (to leave) the country.

Ex. 4

Use to be, there + be or to have in the correct form:

1. In most countries ____ only one legal profession.

2. This means that all lawyers ____ roughly the same professional education leading to the same legal qualification.

3. In England the system ______ different.

4. Solicitors and barristers ______ both qualified lawyers, but they ______ a different legal training, and once they ______ qualified they usually do different types of legal work.

5. This ______ why it is said that ______ two “branches” of the legal profession.

6. English lawyers ______ either solicitors or barristers.

7. They cannot ______ both at the same time, but it ______ possible for a solicitor to become a barrister and for a barrister to become a solicitor.

8. Legal executives ______ no rights of audience, but can appear in front of a judge on uncontested matters.

9. The legal profession as such ______ never been popular.

10. Indeed, the first thing revolutionaries usually do on seizing power ______ to overthrow the legal system, blaming it for all ills.

11. ______ rules of behaviour, codes of professional conduct, which provide that when lawyers ______ in court they must always ______ courteous to one another.

12. Many people who ______ legal problems ______ worried about going to a solicitor for advice because of legal fees they ______ to pay.

Ex. 5

Use either the Present Continuous or the Present Simple:


Translate the sentences into English.

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